Let the Blogging commence!

IMG_4571IMG_5075IMG_6448Well now…here I am just ‘a bloggin’ away after thinking about it for well over a decade. In all honesty, I am really stoked about having a space to explore all things that make me smile. I’m talking anything from my favorite express HIIT moves to great books before bedtime.

I am, and really always have been, super excited about loads of stuff and want to share those things that bring me joy and just makes life that little bit more easy or beautiful. This blog will be a smorgasbord of books, workouts, art, parenting philosophies, my new experience using essential oils, recipes, family adventure and travel tips and all things linked to my journey as a women, teacher, artist, friend and mother.

On the school run last week I was speaking to one of my friends/another mum about life and balance and she said something along the lines of ‘I have no idea how you do it, I would think it would be chaos!’ I laughed as I hear that word a lot and yet I don’t feel my life is chaos. After giving this a bit of thought, I have come to see that chaos is very relative and what is ‘it’ when people say ‘I don’t know how you do it’?

My life, at times, can be very chaotic, as I’m sure is the case for most women. However, especially over the last few years, I don’t feel that I am just keeping my head above water but rather thriving. If anything I sometimes feel that we as women or mothers are constantly ‘one upping’ ourselves about how crazy or overwhelmed our lives are and not celebrating or sharing the things that do work.

Now don’t get me wrong, EVERYDAY I will have moments that I need to ‘learn’ from. (just last night at bath-time with the youngest 3 children I found myself yelling down stairs to the older 2 that if they needed me to come up and ‘STOP YELLING!’) By NO means do I believe that I have it figured out but am excited to share the positive simple things that have been a blessing…limited moaning…promise.

Therefore, this blog is about those times it’s sweet and simple, gratitude in small things, progress even after failure, the essential non-essentials and ultimately thriving even in the midst of chaos.