It is literally my favorite time of year! I love Thanksgiving more than Christmas and Easter and all the other holidays combined! Even though we live in England, my kids are half American and we do the whole turkey, yams and muddy violent American football game at the park. 12279157_10153154900377201_1810911256821351299_nOne of my favorite traditions we do is hand write a note to each person at the table saying one thing that we are thankful for about them. Maybe it’s because it’s about family, friends and creating memories and not so much about the gifts and so on…don’t get me wrong I do love a good Christmas present…I’m not that deep.12243397_10153154844532201_1925295982877998094_n

Anywho, this morning 2 of our younger boys were, for some reason, at each other’s throats. It had been like this since they rolled their little butts out of bed, some days are just like that, and despite my best efforts of calmly parenting and then placing them in different rooms and then some not-so-calm parenting, we found ourselves walking to school with poor attitudes…still. I didn’t want the 5 year old to start the day at school without reconciling with his younger brother.15181597_10153971430537201_3306469427949933798_n

My daughter, who is just like me but soooo much more naturally kind, had the idea to take turns saying things we are thankful for our different family members. By the time we turned the corner of the park, I had three children happily spouting out personality traits, talents and funny or kind habits about their siblings and parents. It worked. (Although the 3 year old is so enamored with Nana at the moment that the only thing he could think of for mummy was that ‘she drives me to Nana’s house!’)15267925_10153971375392201_5442602649600288334_n

It got me thinking two things. One: we should so do this more often, especially in those times that these little guys need to be reminded of the truth, instead of focusing on their own hurt or anger.

And two:…um…adults need to do this! How many times I get annoyed with a friend, a student, my husband or a child and could do with remembering to be thankful for all those things that I so easily forget. Gratitude is the true key to joy.15241833_10153971430212201_5523545894830477279_n

Have a heart FULL of gratitude and a fabulous Thanksgiving!