Thieves and Super Hero Shot Glasses!

Ok…so a number of months ago my 3 year old (Bear), saw Gollum ( AKA: Smeegle….creepy grey hairless creature in the Lord of the Rings films) on the TV and pointed and said ‘Mummy…that funny looking man looks a bit like me when I don’t have any clothes on!’ ….I kid you not.

At this point, I realised that my child could do with some immune support.

Out of all my babies, Bear has consistently been my unhealthiest baby. He had killer re-flux from about 2 weeks and that really has set the little dude back. He seems to always be picking up colds and whatever is going around…almost every other month. He is also small for his age and scrawny…thus the Gollum look-a-like!

He was just one of the reasons why I started using essential oils for my family. As the months past and I slowly but surely started using these oils in different ways and implementing them into our home I have come to love seeing the impact and actual change they are having on my family’s wellness, both  physically and emotionally. Therefore, I am going to attempt to write about an oil and how we use it ever Monday as my family explores the many benefits.

By far one of my favourites is the amazing blend Thieves! As in… we use this oil blend everyday in a number of ways and being a family of seven we do go through it…it’s a regular on our monthly order.

It’s a great oil blend for immune support. We all use it to support the immune system, fight off all the nasty bugs and prevent illness. All the kids have made little roller-balls of Thieves that they can use at night before they sleep. They roll it on the soles of their feet to absorb while they sleep and support the body.

Even new baby Huxley can benefit from the diffuser. I have used it directly on an infected finger nail and small cuts to aid healing. (cleared in 24 hours) If any family member is feeling run down or fighting a cold we have 2-4 drops in a drink in the mornings to help our immune systems.24067789_10155215073352201_597541555645903354_n

The smell is amazing and we also diffuse it and breath in its goodness.

It smells mainly of cinnamon and tastes similar but does have a kick. Most of my friends drink it as a tea with hot water and a couple of drops of Lemon Vitality. I’m not a hot drink fan, and neither are my kids so we have it in smoothies or apple sauce. At first they were all like ‘It’s too spicy…’ but now they ask for it every morning.

My new favourite thing that we do every morning at breakfast is a little shot of orange juice for each kid with a few drops of Thieves to start out strong. Each kid even has their comic book hero shot glass they drink out of. (hopefully  this won’t subconsciously encourage binge drinking at a later stage) It sets them up for the day and Bear hasn’t been ill yet this academic year…a record amount of time…so far…so good.