Burpees and Christmas Cookies!

So you are getting ready for the holidays and you plan to go away, visit family or have loads come and stay with you. You have time off work, loads of yummy food and surrounded by friends and family…yet you find yourself looking for sharp objects to stab in your corneas?10592926_10152823001537201_8155946454703617797_n

I go literally crazy if I am not getting some sort of daily exercise during a holiday or when away on holiday…and then I’m horrid and then my poor family suffer in the end. Hopefully you have better basic self-discipline but just in case, here are some of my tips for keeping your body moving, no matter your plans over the holiday season.

Use what Ya got.

Where are you going to be staying, traveling to or who is coming to stay with you? Is there a gym or pool at your hotel? Are you near some good trails to runs or hike? City breaks are great places for a morning run around the city. You get your workout in and get to soak up local culture. My husband and I always try to do this when we go away, I have found some great places in London by sheer accident.11887846_10152981769292201_5264319649563632839_n

If folks are descending on you for a visit or the holidays, what do they like to do? Do they like to run? Walk or hike? Play basketball or football? Be that person that inspires and excites others to get out, workout, play, have fun, bond and make memories. Nothing bonds people more than talking about ‘that run’ or ‘that game’ around a fire together in the evening after dinner.


If you fail to plan then you can plan to fail! (That brings back vivid memories of teacher training referring to lesson plans!) But honestly it’s true…especially when it comes to exercise. So PLAN ahead! You know how long you are going away for or how long you will have company visiting. Look at your calendar and fit it in…period.11013626_10152823002007201_2159878082943311240_n

Even if it is an early morning run before the day begins for others or a 30 min HIIT or yoga session in the bedroom…you only really need enough floor space to do a burpee and you are set.

Flash Cards?

I’m not talking about the ones you used back in school for your timetables…although maybe still beneficial for some of us. I’m talking work-out flash cards, lists of moves to pull from or different sprint training sequences etc. I have used this in all kinds of forms.24232682_10155223631817201_1621506486519958_n

When I knew that I was going to be traveling and staying with family on the east coast of America this summer for 4 weeks I prepared (yes those are laminated) 6 different workouts (to prevent boredom) that I could do either outside or in the living room or bedroom if it was crowded. I was also seven and half months pregnant, so I was able to design the workout cards specifically to suit my ability. Other trips I have used lists on my phone or even written down some sets on a napkin.

Time it!

If the weather is horrid for a run, the gym is shut, or you are up early with a kid or if all else fails, you can always rely on a HIIT circuit training. All you need is some floor space and a timer. (and a couple of books and puzzles for the small person who is up early with you!) You could use a timer on a clock but the easiest is just get one of the thousands apps that are available on your phone and set the times you want.11825981_10152979327082201_1806664322784492111_n

I normally do three sets of four exercise. Each exercise is 50 seconds of work and then after a full set of three I have a one-minute breather rest. I do four to five different sets depending on the time and this lasts about thirty or forty minutes. This left me dripping with sweat, ready for the day, head clear and totally helped me off-set the biscuits and gravy in Virginia!

Here’s to Burpees and Christmas cookies!11377115_10152823001682201_6992746071007876259_n