Motivational Mondays!

So we all need a bit of inspiration on Mondays!

I love a great start to the week and feel that if my Monday starts well it really sets up the rest of the week. A lot of what works for me is down to routine. The time and way I wake up, eat, start the morning with the kids, work-out, which oils I use, work, read or spend quiet time in prayer or meditation…all of this falls into a routine.  I will be posting my Monday work-outs and favorite oils I use for that day.IMG_6448

Now before I begin, I totally know that not everyone is on maternity leave like me at the moment, so you will have to adjust your own routine to fit your life…but keep in mind that we all have the same amount of hours in the day. Normally when people say that they don’t have time for that…it just means that they don’t want to make time for that.

So although these days I am waking up around 6:30, get the breakfast and lunches sorted and then waking the kids just before 7. The walk to school is at 8:30 and then I am back and my youngest is down for his morning nap at 9…so that is when I normally work-out now days…but still for only 30-40 minutes.

However, when I was teaching 3 months ago and when I go back after maternity leave my workouts need to happen a lot earlier. I was(and will be) up at 5:45 and straight into a (30 min) HIIT or run, breakfast and lunch sorted, shower, kids up at 6:45, all sitting down and eating at 7, out of the house ready to drop off at various schools or childminders at 7:40 and then my day teaching art in high school starts at 8:15…like I said, in most cases it can be done but needs some focus and commitment.

That being said….here’s to Motivational Mondays!

The Work-Out:

I wanted to watch the news as I felt ‘out of touch’ because I hadn’t really read or watched anything over a busy weekend, so I did a 35 minute FULL BODY HIIT work-out in my living room floor (whilst listening and slightly watching BBC News). I used only my body and a workout timer on my phone that beeps every time I need to move on to the next move.11329827_10152823001437201_6360385845086168051_n

This was actually done before I walked the kids to school (7:30-8:05) because 2 were sleeping in longer than normal and I had finished feeding the baby. So the 3 year old looked at books on the sofa and the baby hung out in his bouncy-seat.)

Set 1: Burpees (jump and clap), Dips, Buddha Press-ups and Ski Jumps X 3

Set 2: Squat-thrusts, Lunge pulse, Plank Knee Taps and Speed Jumping Jacks X 3

Set 3: Basket Ball 4 pulse Jumps, Table Turn-Overs, Squat Pulse and T-Stand Press-Ups X 3

Do each set x 3 (50 sec for each move) and 1 minute rest before you move on to the next set.24232897_10155230578932201_1164321745798965536_n

The Oil:


This is a great oil that is naturaly anti-inflammatory. It is used for sore and swollen joints, knees, backs or hips. It is also a popular oil to use for teething babies by rubbing it right onto the jaw line or sore gum.(dilute with a carrier oil for babies)

I used this oil today on my back. It feels amazing and I can notice an immediate difference when I use it on either side of my spine. My posture and alignment has been all off after my last baby 3 months ago. I also had a spinal tap and epidural so my back is still really tight and inflamed…especially after training. I use this after the workout and a good stretch to make a real difference to my day. Dude it’s amazing!

Have a Motivational Monday folks!24294008_10155230578857201_2598528091560451879_n