Motivational Mondays: Snow Runs and Relaxing Baths!

It snowed in England! This is a big deal…doesn’t happen all that much! After 15 years living in England, distinct seasons and snowy cold winters are two of the things I still really miss.24993666_10155253075427201_4342493358236656375_n

So you can only imagine how excited I get when we get a dump of the white stuff! It’s out first thing for my tribe, for a day of sledding and snowmen building, followed by hot chocolate, wood fires and puzzles. It also makes a great scene for a trail run. A nice something different for the work-out of the day!24993547_10155253075252201_1654577246052570719_n

The Work-Out.

Snowy trail run! Nothing better then running in the morning through snow covered fields and woods. It’s crisp and cold and uncrowded! I didn’t see one person or animal my whole run, except for some birds. I was careful for ice patches but had no trouble keeping up the pace as the snow was fresh and easy to run in.25299094_10155253075287201_32376307733339014_n

It also makes you work your abs a bit more than normal trail as you are having to push through the snow..similar to sand. An all around great workout. You could always add some sprints or intervals in. Because I’m still getting back into running after my last baby in September, I just did a quick 2 miles at a decent pace.24993262_10155253075477201_4403948112966177600_n

The Oil.

This oil is always in-stock in our house…and can be found in most rooms too. (Young Living Lavender…not all essential oil distributors are Equal!) It blends so well in roller-balls for stress, achy muscles or headaches. I have it in my amazing skin face serum with frankincense and we diffuse it in the kids rooms when they need that extra kick to settle them for a good nights sleep.24910030_10155253075182201_7997040337412230888_n

But my favourite use today was 8-10 drops in a hot bath. So easy, so good. There are so many great recipes for bath salts and bombs you can make too. It soothes tense muscles and minds…no joke. The perfect way to unwind after a day of snowy runs, sledding and the building of various snow-people!25289624_10155253075442201_4888904344090717562_n