Motivational Mondays: DVDs and the Beauty of Sleep!

Today I am talking about an oldie but goodie for both the work-out of the day and an oil that supports one of the most beautiful things ever…in the world…universe even…SLEEP!

We had a super busy weekend, packed full of festive cheer like nativity plays, Christmas school fairs and Santa Runs in the park. It was great but it left me a little behind on my normal awesome Monday super start! Monday is also laundry day in our house, and in my hustle and bustle this morning after breakfast, I found myself left with just over 30 minutes to train, before I had to leave with the smaller peeps to school.19748912_10155269721627201_5936162370899694807_n

And in those moments I am super-duper grateful for the energy of a great night’s sleep AND an easy fail-safe workout that will push me, especially when I may not be too keen to push myself.

The Oil.

I am going to talk about the oil first today because it helps to start my day off right. The oil is a blend from Young Living called Gentle Baby. This is a bit of a splurge oil for me as it’s a fantastic blend that I treated both myself and our new baby to two months ago. Gentle Baby is a blend specially blended for babies and pregnant or new mamas.

There are all sorts of yummy oils in the blend including Coriander, Geranium, Plamarosa, Lavender, Ylang Ylang and Roman Chamomile.25443270_10155269744052201_5669145657222063147_n

It is used to support sleep for both babies and mothers. My newest one is 3 months and I use it either in the diffuser for 30 minutes or diluted with Olive Oil (1 drop of each) on his feet or back of the neck. You can also put it on your neck and jaw line to de-stress/calm and then cuddle baby so it can transfer gently. Huxley (our newest one) loves it and you can see his reaction as soon as he smells it.

This was one of those oils that I have to admit, I was a little sceptical of the emotional and mood benefits of and even the smell is nice but not my favourite. Once you try it, you will fall in love, promise.25398618_10155269721652201_3410296786879589565_n

So, how does this effect my awesome start to the week? I sleep…because my baby sleeps! He has slept through from 7pm to 7am (with one 10pm dream feed before I go to bed) since seven glorious weeks! I know that is early…even to my standard that was surprisingly early but he is consistently sleeping like a champion. I also use Gentle Baby blend before both morning and afternoon naps to calm him. I cannot stress how important a good chunk of sleep is to your health and wellness…and the baby’s! I am getting 8 hours and that really makes for a fantastic start!25399115_10155269721602201_119280908702967970_n

The Workout.

Oldie But Goodie Work-Out DVD!

I think every busy mom or anyone who needs to fit health and fitness into a day that might not have more than 30 to 40 minutes to work-out, should have on hand a number of good work-out DVDs.

Some days you really just need a dude yelling at you to move for that work-out to happen.

I am not talking about some lame moderate exercise DVD that involves a million leg lifts and has a really long warm-up and cool down. We are talking an intense and challenging workout that shows people in great shape doing the exercises and then you start internally hating them as you train because you can’t match their impressive form and stamina. The DVDs that show people really sweating and short of breath…so you don’t feel so pathetic. The DVDs that leaves you a sweating hot mess yelling at your TV while doing air punches. The DVD that when your kids walk in on you working out they get embarrassed and ask you to turn down the yelling and grunting. You know the ones.14947735_10153920674672201_1648034798839521152_n

Well, today I did Max 30 minute Cardio DVD from the Insanity Max Series. (Beach Body) I like the original Insanity DVDs but LOVE the Max ones because I really have no excuse to not fit it in on busy days. It is a guaranteed cardio and floor resistance work-out that always leaves me pumped full of endorphins and ready for my day in less time it would take to eat a meal. My favourites out of the Insanity Max ones are Max Cardio, Max Sweat and Friday Fight. The others are good but I don’t find quite as challenging and full body. Max Out Power has so much shoulder work that I have to break more than I like. The abs are always great and only 15 minutes, so can be added on at the end on days I have 45 minutes.

Today I did 5 rounds of 3 exercise x 3 at 40 minutes each exercise, with some one minute power moves sprinkled in for added spice. Most moves are some maxed out form of either a jump, squat, lunge or plank, so great for core strength 3 months postnatal and of course entertaining for any living room spectators!25507853_10155269721637201_2527036471860935265_n