Motivational Monday: Family Runs and Grapefruit Energy!

Ok, I am aware that it isn’t exactly Monday but work with me. After a fantastic Christmas Eve and Christmas it is now the great Boxing Day, one of the best reasons to live in the UK.25659626_10155290919162201_4491415369425094124_n

I love this day. It is the day of sweat-pants, leftovers, watching movies on TV that you already own, blustery walks and blowing out the cobwebs from the previous days of gluttony! I always crave a good workout and energy boost on Boxing Day…this year being no different.


The Work-Out.

Family Run

The 4 mile family hilly muddy trail run! We often run with our kids, but rarely get to take the older 2 kids out for a proper 3-4 mile trail run because of the other little 3 kids. (Enter my amazing Mom on a visit from the States) So instead of just one of us taking turns, my husband, the 11 and 14 year old and I all got to run one of my favourite routes in Leicestershire; Bradgate Park. It has a river, a sizable hill, wild deer and beautiful surrounding views of the countryside from the top.26001219_10155290919117201_4066088023197284138_n

My husband and I used to run this four mile loop a whopping three times, back in the day when we were in our 20s and running adventure races every other month…now one loop pretty much owns me. So with a great crisp winter blue sky and the world’s best babysitter back with the three little stooges, we ran all together…the boys up front mind you and a couple of stops for catch ups. Not only did I get a great morning run, but both kids were set for the day with a cheerful and positive mood. We also totally felt like the hot chocolate and vegging by the fire was well earned. Get out and run (or walk) with your kids, family or mates in the next few days to get things fresh and moving!

The Oil


I always crave energy and a bit of a refresher when I go a bit overboard on food that I normally wouldn’t consume…aka eat my body weight in Stilton and dark chocolate mints! By Boxing Day, I am not ready for a full-on New Year detox or anything but something to give me energy and refresh my system. Grapefruit is one of my favourite essential oils for this.26047444_10155290919092201_7062343662711365221_n

It’s incredibly beneficial to the metabolism and has a clean and fresh smell and taste. This oil increases my energy levels and stamina. It also supports and cleanses the system. It can also be used to support weight-loss and improve skin. You can diffuse it but my favourite is 3 to 4 drops in my super greens and veg smoothie in the mornings…and perfect on wintery days after my family trial run! A great balance for my body after the gingerbread. Grapefruit is an oil with truly fantastic benefits and taste!

Get moving and get oiling before the New Year…why wait.25659765_10155290919112201_4040479118037681520_n