Motivational Monday: HIIT with Baby Hux and the Detox Power of Lemon!

Well Hello 2018! How are you going to start this year off stronger? Kinder? Healthier? Well there is no time like the present! My New Year’s Eve was spent with my tribe of 7, in sweat-pants, watching Guardians of the Galaxy Vol 2 and downing homemade Milk-Shakes…which are made in the super easy healthy smoothie blender the NutriBullet…which is pretty ironic!26165882_10155304779702201_9024262414736562364_n

My point is that we were not out in the city drinking our body weight in cocktails and in bed by 4am…so by 7:30 this morning I was up with the 3 month old and ready to start my year. My older kids, husband and I always set our goals over dinner in the evening on New Year’s Day but I do love to start out the first morning of the year strong. Here is the workout and essential oil I am loving this beautiful first morning of 2018!

The Workout:

HIIT with Baby Hux!

Because most of the rest of my sweet family were having a sleep-in this morning, due to a later night, I went ahead and cranked out a 30 minute HIIT with my little morning buddy by my side. After his feed, my 3 month old Huxley was content to watch me huff and puff my way through 30 hard minutes of Interval Training. (I find that the brighter, gaudier and embarrassingly brighter my work-out leggings are, the more his attention is held!) Once the 3 year old or 5 year old joins us in the mornings, they love playing near him of showing him books, which buys an extra all-important 15 minutes or so if he is getting cranky. You will have to find out what works for you and your baby/kid.26167009_10155304855957201_3652341190122800857_n

At the risk of being controversial, I will add…that even if my baby or kid does get a bit cranky when I am training, I will most of the time let them know that I am here but not necessarily pick them up or immediately stop training. Now this is only if they are full, dry and well in themselves and not poorly or anything. And yes, I start as soon as they can stay awake enough between naps…so Huxley has been hanging out 2 to 3 times a week after his breakfast watching his mama hustle for about 4 weeks now.

I really have no qualms of letting my kids know that I love them, hear them but am not always able to be at their disposal. Our kids need to know, at times, they need to chill and wait a couple of minutes because mom and dad aren’t able to hold them etc. So there are times that one of mine starts to fuss a bit and I will remind them that I will be with them as soon as I finish a set…and they know to wait…hopefully patiently.

Here are the (mostly lower body and core) exercises I did in my morning HIIT.26167775_10155304855952201_704582649664442171_n

Set 1: Burpees, Russian Twists (both feet raised), Lunge Jumps and Tuck Jumps (x3)

Set 2: Squat Thrusts, Scissor Kicks, Hand to Elbow Plank and Lunge-Kick-Punch (x3)

Set 3: Raised Leg Lunge (one foot on chair and holding a 10lb kettlebell), Floor Mountain Climbers, A-Frame Abs and Jack-Press-Ups (x3)

Do each of the 4 exercises in each set for 50 seconds without stopping and then repeat each set 3 times. 1 minute break before you move on to the next set. Should be just over 30 minutes.

The Oil


This oil is one of our regular oils that we use almost every day. It is a staple and I am always sure to have enough in the house and on my Essential Rewards Order, so we do not run out! I drink it most mornings and today I especially needed it after my milkshake sugar splurge last night! Lemon has so many uses. It works amazingly well for cleaning and getting rid of smells or grease. It works so well in blends with other oils like Lavender and Peppermint to help with energy or to relieves stings and bug bites.

It also supports detox and cleanses the body of toxins that might make us feel sluggish, tired or bloated. I drink 3-4 drops most mornings first thing to jump start my system and start cleaning out any junk that might still be lingering. Now I am not a hot drink fan and realty hate tea, so I actually have most of my oils in either my smoothie or a shot of orange juice like my kids.26168142_10155304779387201_1131338271039879659_n

However, most adults who use essential oils love lemon in hot water with some honey or in their tea…just saying. It tastes and smells great and is one of my favourites for cleansing, refreshing and detox. Even the kids like it!

I worked up a fantastic sweat, made the baby smile and refreshed my system for a pretty good start to 2018!26166097_10155304779542201_1810061787795973130_n