Motivational Monday: D.I.Y. Pills and Sun Salutations.

With all the information we have had lately about antibiotics, I am not that keen to go that route unless it can’t be helped. With this in mind, I do what I can to build my own and my family’s immune system strong, so that we can do our best to stay above that wellness line.26195687_10155321603737201_2965248064381986626_n

We are all active and moving everyday, we drink a lot of water, we eat a lot of vegetables, most of our food and meals are from scratch so we know what we are eating (real food), we get outside every day and we incorporate Young Essential Oils into loads of our everyday habits. But that aside, people still can get under the weather and about 4 out of 7 of us have been fighting off a ‘cold yucky mucus thing’ for about a week now. It hasn’t struck us down for more than an evening but we aren’t back to 100% yet.

I don’t know what the weather has been like for you but it has been almost 4 weeks of solid rain and damp cold weather…but not cold enough to kill germs and freshen things up. Everywhere I look I am seeing people down with the flu or chest infections. I am grateful that we only have a bit of cold so far, but I still like doing everything I can to help my body get to the point that it can do what it’s made to do…fight and get rid of the yucky stuff and rebuild more of the good stuff!….I know….I should have clearly been a doctor with those scientific words! This leads me to my workout and oil of the day on this beautiful January Monday.

The Oil(s)

Oregano…among others26219880_10155321603687201_5114119528207299059_n

Every time I get any type of cold it goes straight to my sinuses…I am convinced that mine are like super narrow or something. I have never had a chest infection and can count on one hand how many times I have had a bad cough. But sinuses…man alive the pressure and pain can be horrid.

I haven’t been crippled yet with anything like a fever but my body is still struggling to shake it. Using my Essential Oils reference book, I looked up what are good oils to help support the body in fighting off a sinus infection.

Oregano is one of the best oils in helping your body fight infections. It is one of those oils that your body can become immune to however, so it won’t be as effective if you use it daily…kind of like antibiotics funny enough. So, I combined the following recipe in some Vegetables Gel Capsules and have been taking 4 a day.

Lemon helps rid the body of toxins and Frankincense and Thieves blend have great antiseptic and antifungal properties, making it great for treating sinus infections. I also have used a neti pot with a mix of salt, baking soda and warm water to help flush out the nasal passage. This is day two and the pressure is already better this morning. I will obviously update next week! I totally understand that there are times you may need to turn to traditional western medicine, I do however love the freedom and options I have to educate myself, on the safe and naturally ways to support my body.

4 drops Thieves Blend

3 drops Lemon

2 drops Frankincense

3 drops Oregano

The Work Out26229661_10155321603707201_6047875626602802079_n

Sometimes the last thing you feel like doing is training when you are full of cold, but more times than not I have found that, even if lighter than normal, getting your body moving and stretching can only benefit recovery. I wouldn’t recommend this if you have a fever, that’s different. This morning I got up at 6am for the first time in 2 weeks because of the Christmas school holidays we have all slept-in most days and the earliest I have been up has been 7am.

My husband was back at work and so we all were up at normal times to help everyone get back on track for the start of school later this week. I decided to train early and only the last 10 minutes overlapped with my youngest, who is happy to lay on his back in his PJs kicking in the floor while I finished. I wanted to get my blood pumping but also wanted to increase circulation so that my body could run as efficient as possible today. Therefore, my workout was a combination of classic circuit moves and yoga. I was left feeling refreshed and limber ready for a day of recovery.

Jumping jacks, Squat Jumps, Plank punches, Race-Start Jumps (1 min each x 3)

Basket Ball Jumps x 4(clock-wise), Narrow Hand Press-Ups, Lunge Jumps and Burpees. (1 min each x 3)

To finish, do 10 rounds of a classic Sun Salutation to really open up the body after it has been warmed up. (if you have no earthy idea what a Sun Salutation is than just google it…if you have ever been to any Yoga class ever, it will jog your memory)

Make the best of a cold January day with movement, oils and natural health troubleshooting.26231415_10155321611577201_6593053056861922396_n