Motivational Monday: Fresh Air Runs and Rugby Boot Pong!

We have just wrapped up one of the laziest weekends in the history of Watson’s weekends. We had a number of us still getting back to 100% this weekend, so it was full of smoothies, essential oils, blankets and quite a few naps and movies.

(Moreover, the Oregano oil capsules worked a treat on my sinus infection by the way!)18952661_10154556020552201_6737937085305417840_n

My oldest son however, has been on form and was still out training and playing rugby in the rain and mud. Now, I normally love an action packed weekend full of adventure and activity. However, when you have a little one still building their immunity back up, it can really put a ‘spanner in the works’.

Because this really doesn’t happen that much, I actually enjoy that mellow weekend once in a while for everyone to recharge…even if it does mean no sugar or junk with the numerous films watched on bean-bags.

With that said, this Monday has started early with a heap of laundry, muddy stinky rugby boots and a need for a refresh for the week. The laundry has been widdled down to one more load, my body has had some fresh air therapy with a cold run and thanks to one of my favourite oil blends, both clothes and rugby boots smell a whole lot better!

The Oil

Purification Blend (Young Living)26814940_10155343597272201_4321689936691500894_n

When we first started using essential oils, we ran out of this bottle first! We were still getting a lot of great advice from books, online and my friend who first shared with us and where learning how to incorporate them into our lives. Purification was one that we found so many natural and easy to remember uses for.

This isn’t really surprising given we are a family of 7, with a new baby, a geriatric Labrador who loves mud, 6 chickens, two cats, a fish, we cooks BIG meals daily and most of us play some sort of outdoor sport on a regular basis…ok…so that’s a bit unfair on the fish…he doesn’t really smell…we’ll leave Bob out of this.cropped-3bb2d4e4-a5c6-4039-835f-e03a39e341b5.jpeg

My point is that we started using this amazing blend the first week, and since, have found even more ways to incorporate it into a healthy toxic-free lifestyle in our home. Purification is a blend of Citronella, Rosemary, Lemongrass, Melaleuca Alternifolia, Lavandin and Myrtle. This formula is great for refreshing, refining and neutralizing smoke, mildew and even the most persistent odours…think teenage soggy rugby boots, 6 pairs of muddy running trainers and wet old dog…to name a few.

Here are just a few ways we use this oil on a weekly basis.14900622_10153913580457201_7488568857232411530_n

 (Keep in mind that every oil used is one less chemical in our home, so we have ditched all air fresheners, cleaners, fabric fresheners and carpet cleaners that are full of chemicals and replaced it with an oil that is super healthy and actually supports wellness!)


  • 4 to 5 drops in our diffuser in the kitchen is great to eliminate smells quickly after cooking fish, curry, bacon or other smelly dishes…within minutes.
  • 1-2 drops on cotton balls to stick in shoes to draw out the smell and more importantly the bacteria causing the pong! (a life-saver for a mum of 4 boys!)
  • 1-2 drops on a cotton ball and use a clothe peg for air vents in the car…great healthy air for all.
  • 1-2 drops with your favourite moisturizer to support healthy skin.
  • Add 3-4 drops to vacuum filter to freshen after cleaning, or mix 10-15 drops in water and spray over carpets and dog beds for fresh fabrics.
  • Use with water in spray bottle to ward off bugs to enjoy an outdoor experience and you can add a drop directly to bug bites and stings to draw out toxins and help the pain and itching.
  • Combine 1-2 drops with 1-2 drops of Peppermint Essential Oil and dilute 50/50 with V6 vegetable oil on cotton swab to rub in pets ears to eliminate earwax and odour…great for ancient dogs who struggle to clean themselves now days.12294723_10153170219362201_219954401207082347_n

The Workout:

It’s pretty simple…I went for a run. It wasn’t a long one or a hilly one or a sprint or really even a muddy one…just a good decent paced run along one of my favourite local trails. I try to make sure my pace stays pretty even and I always sprint the last half mile or so for that nice endorphin packed finish!

It is always nice to have a number of runs that you know and trust, and can just get your trainers on, headphones in and get going without any faff. This one is just under 4 miles and is a nice loop with a lovey mix of trail and sidewalk. It’s pretty safe too, so a good one to listen to music or podcasts. I run so much faster and more consistent when listening to the right music or running with someone faster than me…but the later isn’t always easy to find early weekday mornings.IMG_6448

My running music today was the soundtrack to The Greatest Showman…its awesome. I haven’t even seen the film but my daughter keeps going on about it and downloaded the soundtrack…so thank you very much Zac Efron and Hugh Jackman!

I hope you have a week full of great smells, fresh air and musical delights!14925519_10153913581672201_7866991293954568019_n