How to ‘Some-What Enjoy’ Ski Season with Little Kids!

Thriving Chaos

Skiing with little kids? That sentence alone will make many successful and confident adults break-out in a cold sweat and look for the nearest exit.18922093_10154555958947201_1860856999099721847_n

And they wouldn’t be wrong in thinking that skiing with small children can be the cure for fun…however there are many things you can do, if you are an owner of one of these small people, to off-set some of the hassle.

And, now here is the really important bit, IT IS TOTALLY WORTH IT!

The time, energy and patience you spend in the beginning will definitely pay off in the long run, for both you and your offspring. My husband and I are keen snowboarders (although we both started out skiing as children) and decided early on, that this was an activity that we would continue to enjoy, even after pro-creating.

We have taken our kids with us every time and depending on the…

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