Motivational Monday: A Teenager’s Weights and the Power of ‘Frank’!

Do you ever have one of those weekends that you are left starting the week feeling as if a bus has hit you…but you can’t really put your finger on why?27066757_10155362067037201_3509252181642870082_n

I have eaten well and worked out every day; I even got decent sleep…yet I’m starting off my Monday struggling to focus and a bad case of brain fog! One thing that I am learning more and more about is how our emotions and metal stress can really pull us down physically.

Our beloved 15-year-old family Labrador, that I got when I was just 19 the first month living in this country, passed away Friday night. We had to have him put down at the vet and it even today still seems surreal. Needless to say, that I needed a BIG motivation today!

The Workout:

Weights Circuit: (using my teenage son’s 20kg barbell, 10kg kettlebell and chin-up bar that fits on the door frame…yup…I’m cool)19554506_10155362066997201_7425075720472714854_n

2 sets of….

25 squats with barbell (20kg)

15 Bent-over-rows (20kg)

30 kettle-bell swings

10 raised-leg-lunges, holding kettle-bell at chest level (10 each side)

10 pull-ups

15 narrow-hand press-ups

20 Russian twists holding kettle-bell

(Repeat all once)

Finish off with a good stretch!

The Oil:

Frankincense (Young Living)

This is quickly becoming one of my favourite oils! And not just because it is a Jesus oil…although that is super cool. This Oil is very potent and can pass the blood/brain barrier quickly, allowing strong effects on both emotional and mental support…and I was super sceptical on these types of oils a year ago! (if you are like…really?! Then look up some of the research and case studies on cancer patients and frankincense essential oils)26805380_10155362067012201_7482960924026352204_n

 Frankincense is my go-to-oil when I need to clear emotional funk or brain fog. I diffuse it and breathe it in when I am craving a time of prayer and meditation…and the kind that my mind doesn’t wander off and start the shopping list!

I had loads of work that I wanted to do today, so Frankincense was the perfect oil to diffuses and focus on things that are bigger than me! I enjoyed a quiet time of focus and worship that has set me up for an encouraging and productive day! This was perfect after my weights circuit.

Remember not all essential oils are the same or even safe, please make sure you use those from a safe and reputable supplier, and of course let me know if you want to know more or need help getting started!

Hope you all enjoy a blessed and encouraging week!10592926_10152823001537201_8155946454703617797_n