Offline and Outdoors!

Thriving Chaos

Before I begin, can I say that the irony of this internet blog that I am writing about getting off computers and getting outside, has not been missed. You will have to believe me that this blog preceded a lovely autumn walk with my youngest two. With that said…


After catching a bit of the news yesterday about how they now reckon that 75% of children get less time outdoors per day than prison inmates, I was appalled! The question was what poses more of a risk to our children, being outdoors playing or playing on the internet? I find it hard to believe that this is even up for debate if I’m being honest!

rayRay Mears debated the issue on today’s Good Morning Britain with mum of two Emily Leary (Credit: ITV)

I know that I am biased as I had the most amazing childhood playing to my heart’s content…

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