Motivational Monday: Reluctant Training and much needed Peace and Calming!

OH MY SWEET MOTHER! This Monday was one of those days that the absolutely last thing in the world I wanted to do was exercise and eat right and live well…which I normally eat, sleep and breath this ethos…so you can see how this threw me a bit!14947735_10153920674672201_1648034798839521152_n

It does happen though…for a number of reasons we get run down. Even though I have physically been keeping myself in decent check lately, I have mentally been a bit stretched and have had a number of days where I struggled to turn off my mind…if that makes sense.

So here is my very reluctant Motivational Monday oil and workout!

The Work Out:

I needed to just do something that I could get done quickly and know that I would be a sweaty mess at the end. Being honest, I really fancied a fast run…but alas… I got up to late and Adam was on his way out early. So I was limited to something I could do in the house during afternoon nap time. Here is my reluctant afternoon HIIT. Arrrgggg.


  • Iron Legs, Buddha Press-Ups, Free Runner and Ski Jumps (50 sec each) X 3

  • Kick Step Backs, Wide High Knees, Squat Pulse and Table Turn-Overs (50 sec each) X 3

  • Squat Thrusts, Lunge Pulse, Plank Forward Punches and Race Start Jumps (50 sec each) X 3

The Oil: Peace and Calming Blend (Young Living)27541102_10155398750537201_9174915411050497352_n

Now this little guy has been new to our household until last month, when we got a bottle for free as one of the bonus oils on our Essential Rewards order.

It is now one of our favourites and I have made roller-ball blends to stay in my car, kitchen and by my bed…it is that good. It has tangerine, orange, ylang ylang, patchouli and blue tansy.

I love diffusing it and applying some on my neck and inside of my wrists. I kid you not this stuff really helps me CHIIIILLLL.

Its calming but not sleepy calm…think like Ninja calm. If that is a thing…well…it is now. If you have not tried Peace and Calming yet…get some.

Here are a few ways it can be used:

  • Massage on bottoms of feet and neck to sooth and calm.

  • Rub behind pets ears when scared or stressed.

  • Dilute with carrier oil and rub on kid’s tummy and feet to help calm and help curb midnight waking.

  • Diffuse while meditating or homework time…great for overactive or stressed kids!

  • Add 5-8 drops to half a cup of Epsom salt and add for a relaxing bath.


Here’s to Tuesday NOT being a reluctant day!26229661_10155321603707201_6047875626602802079_n (1)