Motivational Mondays: Cinnamon Bark and Sprints in the Rain.

After finishing up a fantastic week off school for February half-term break, we woke up this morning at 6am to cold grey rainy skies, school uniforms, washed PE kits, packed lunches, porridge, and that haze of the winter school morning routine. We are back in the game after a holiday.27973911_10155433190622201_7585500167524900716_n

Therefore, even more essential that we get the start of this week right with the good habits that keep my family well and balanced. Here is the workout and oil that I am loving this drizzly uneventful Monday.

The Oil: Cinnamon Bark (Young Living Vitality Range)

Besides smelling amazing, this oil is the perfect winter oil for cooking, diffusing, and supporting the immune system against all of those nasty bugs and viruses. This morning I have used it in my apple/blackberry cinnamon muffins…guys, ONE drop…maybe two…it really doesn’t take much.
We also love diffusing it combined with Orange or Citrus Fresh for a cosy warm winter blend. Cinnamon Bark is amazing for supporting the immune system. Infections cannot live or develop in Cinnamon Bark! We have it in our roller-ball blends that the whole family rolls on feet and lower spine before bed (infections many times accumulate in the lower spine).28056089_10155433190632201_5744679742905869206_n
It is also an important ingredient I added to my vegetable capsules a couple of months ago when I had the start of a bad sinus infection…both my husband and I were able to fight off the infections and didn’t need to resort to antibiotics. I know I have said this before but these oils don’t cure you…instead they support and help the systems in your body so that it can do what it’s made to do! Cinnamon Bark is one potent and versatile essential oil.


The Workout: Sprints on the park

Sprint training is great if you are a runner or trying to get back into shape…say after a baby…both of which I am attempting. Sprints are short-burst movements and work well if you are limited on time. I use the football pitches on the park that our garden backs onto. I start at one goal and sprint to the other goal and then jog back and repeat. It really is that simple.27858510_10155418768077201_9054508457322202542_n
If you want to spice it up then you can easily add some exercises after the jog back and before the next sprint or at each end. I have used 3-5 burpees, 10 press-ups and dips, plank punches or squat thrusts…the sky is the limit. I also use a water bottle to move along so I don’t loose count of the sprints I have done. Now this morning was grey and rainy, so I admit I didn’t get down in the mud for any extra exercises but here is my sprint plan:

  • Warm-up jog around the pitch

  • Sprint to goal and jog back x 10

  • Jog around full pitch

  • Sprint to goal and jog back x 10

  • 1 mile run or fast jog around the park

  • Stretch to cool down

Get moving and oiling this last winter week in Feb!27658030_10155412096192201_8691951877468457589_n