Motivational Monday: Woodsy Fresh Laundry and 100 Burpees.

This week feels like no matter how bad we are hoping for spring (or how warm last Friday was), Winter is determined to stick its foot back in the door and get all scrappy again. So we are back to Baltic wind and snow…even with that gulf stream people!29343180_10155501769262201_6488828109620174830_n

Although we have packed-up all the ski and snow gear and there’s an Easter Wreath on the front door, we did try to embrace another cosy weekend in. All the kid’s Rugby and Football matches were cancelled, so we hit the gym in the morning, baked oatmeal cookies and then curled up in blankets and watched the 6 Nations (Like March Madness but Rugby instead of Basketball) all afternoon.

Today however, I was ready to freshen up the house and my body. Therefore, my morning has been packed with fresh laundry (Monday is always laundry day in the Watson house), great music, Burpees, baby cuddles and the whole downstairs fresh with the smell of one of my favorite oils.


The Work-Out: The 100 Circuit29425580_10155501769242201_4553288221610108649_n

Just start…it’s one of those that once you start it’s ok…mind you, a bit daunting at the beginning. I normally break it up in 4 sets of 25 and start working through it. Have some good music on or the news or something, to distract from the heavy breathing…guaranteed sweat though…promise. (photo my son took of me just over halfway through if that makes anyone feel a bit better)

100 Burpees

100 Press-Ups

200 High Knees

100 Mountain Climbing (floor in plank position)

100 Squat Pulse

100 Lunge Pulse (50 in each leg) Do it raised leg lunge if you want more of a challenge.

The music: Avalon by White Buffalo29343028_10155501769712201_586347914362973063_n

Yes, I am adding music now…it’s such an important component of our home, family and everyday life…so why not? I am LOVING White Buffalo at the moment. Avalon is one of my favourites and is great to have blasting when you are trying to crank out another burpee, driving, clearing up after breakfast or sorting through another pile of laundry. Love it.

The Oil: Northern Lights Black Spruce (Young Living)

One of my favorites oils to diffuse to give the house a fresh woody feel. To make it even better, it is actually good for all of us to breathe in….totally unlike air freshener and plug ins! It is great mixed with Bergamot for a fresh winter blend or Frankincense for a focused spiritual blend. It is rich in monoterpenes that give this oil its anti-inflammatory and analgesic & respiratory therapeutic effects.29366243_10155501769247201_2999750556512378562_n

This oil is antiseptic and expectorant and therefore is ideally used for many respiratory issues….thus a great one for diffusing for better breathing and a fresh home on a Monday! It is also one of my husband’s favourite and great in roller-balls used as cologne or aftershave…although my husband is kind-of ‘beardy’ and doesn’t shave…but you get the idea. Is has a good manly smell! If you haven’t already, try it!

(As always, if you don’t use essential oils yet…dude you need to…let me know and I will get you sorted!)