Motivational Monday: Toxin-Free Homes, 6 month old Work-Out Buddy and Back in the Swing of things!

Ahhhhhh that first Monday back after a 2 week Easter holiday…where all the kids, Adam and I are home…the perks in working in Education.30515586_10155552726062201_6045709748471926779_n

That first morning of routine and early risers, packed lunches, walks in the rain to school, after-school library and homework by the diffuser, Shepard’s pie, baths, books and early bed. Days without endless movies, day trips, games nights, milkshakes, staying up late, cosy slow mornings and naps in the afternoon…days without TV yet days with more vegetables!

Sometimes after a holiday break, that first day back can be a bit of a bummer in all honesty…and not just for kids but parents too…especially parents who genuinely like hanging out with their kids for endless days! (We are weird like that)

However, today, even with the rain, the laundry, the back to school and the unexpected injured beat-up cat to clean up, it was a good day…here are just three reasons why.

The Work-Out!30530476_10155552726107201_1375836405520919947_n

Its another classic 30 minute living-room HIIT with the baby before the school run. It works when I don’t get up in time for a run or it’s chucking it down…both of which happened this morning.

Iron Legs, Buddha Press-ups, Free Runner, Ski Jumps (50 sec each x3)

Switch Kicks, Squat Pulse, Table-Turnovers, High-knees(50 sec each x3)

Squat Thrusts, Lunge Pulse, Plank Punches, Burpees(50 sec each x3)

If you want to try these and many other HIIT moves out with me, and are in Leicester, then my Monday Night HIIT Class starts up again next Monday night! Give me a shout if you want the info!

The Oil: Thieves Hand Foaming soap

Ok, so this isn’t exactly an oil…but it has oils in it and it’s one of my favourite products of Young Living’s! I only started using it last month and now it’s a stable in our house with back-up always on my monthly ER order.30624314_10155552726187201_6657691708376135006_n

If you think about it, washing your hands and your kids hands happens numerous times a day and is a great place to start kicking toxins out of the home and using a natural plant-based cleaner that doesn’t just kill germs, but is actually good for you and you immune system!

It is packed with Thieves oil and Lemon oil, it smells amazing and is very affordable too. I have had more compliments and questions on the soap in the kitchen from guests just washing their hands. It’s so very good!

The Song: Fresh Feeling by the EELS30594495_10155552726042201_3730011575557881523_n

This is on one my favourite rainy laundry day song on my playlists. It’s a super old song but mellow and beautiful. Perfect for rainy afternoons and those first days back after a holiday when you are back at the old grindstone.

Hope your week is filled with productively and joy!