Pushy Parents and Healthy Challenges

Thriving Chaos

I don’t think anyone wants to be known as a ‘Pushy Parent’, however when our kids overcome challenges and show pure resilience, we are super proud.FC6764A7-DFBE-4F12-888F-87AEEEF9001C

So where is that line between giving your kids healthy challenges and pushing them to the point they hate you and all the fun is sucked out?

Can I first say that my husband and I totally veer more on the side of the ‘Get up, stop crying, you’re fine’ type parent, rather than the ‘Get down, be careful, are you hurt?’ type.

With that said, our ultimate goal in raising our kids, is to create empathetic, creative, hardworking and resilient little people. We have found out that one great way of cultivating many of those attributes in our kids, is to set them a range of challenges. Problems have a funny way of bringing out the best and worst in us and if…

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