Enjoy Christmas AND your Kids!

Thriving Chaos

 So, this time of year brings out either the very best or very worst in us as parents. We feel pressured to provide the best Christmas imaginable for our kids, but sometimes in the hustle and bustle we totally lose sight of not only the big picture, but also what our kids really want.

To maintain some perspective and prioritise is key, and will be the main ingredient to what our kids will end up remembering fondly in the long run. Here are some of my favourite tips to REALLY enjoying Christmas with your kids.24862569_10155245529342201_1048190302101209151_n

Think of Others:

True joy comes when you focus on others and not just yourself. This is SO true around Christmas time and works the same way for kids. Encourage your little ones to think of someone else. There are hundreds of ways to do this and all depends on their age and where you…

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