Welcome to Thriving Chaos!

My name is Beth Watson and I am an artist, teacher, fitness trainer, founder of the Thriving Oils Community, wife to a truly amazing man and mother to 5 terrific kids.

I started this blog to encourage, inspire and possibly entertain with the everyday simple joys of my life. I am one of those parents that resents the false belief that once you have kids, your life is over or boring or all that is left is heinous play-dates, nappy-rash and X-Factor banter! Literally with every pregnancy, ..5…no twins, I have had people say to me things like..’You just wait’ or ‘Enjoy it now’ or other well-meaning but infuriating things that imply that you have to give it all up! I have found with the right attitude, education, and intention that our life is full of wellness, joy, adventure and abundance. It is possible to be intentional with family, health, faith and wellness. It is possible to thrive in the everyday…even after pro-creating!

Although I grew up in America I moved to England when I was 19 and found myself in a new, exciting yet terrifying at times, culture and jumped in with both feet. I became a mother at 20 and would have given my right arm to have more support, encouragement or just options, as I found myself living in Europe hardly knowing a soul. I have since beyond embraced my life here and enjoy my journey.


I get excited about most things in life, even if I find that I’m not very good at them…like volleyball and glass blowing. I love living simply and enjoying the beauty of everyday, however I LOVE travelling and experiencing new things and places. Some of my passions are: painting, print making, YL essential oils, running, snowboarding, surfing, climbing, walking, reading, music, training, all things that lead to true good health and sharing all these with my awesome family. Although, (being deep for a moment) if I boiled down all my loves to what is my greatest blessing and the sum of all good things it would be Jesus and my assurance in him. IMG_5101

Over the last 15 years I have had the joy of having 5 kids, working as a PT/Fitness Trainer, completing my post grad in Fine Art, working as a painter/fine artist, teaching Art in a Secondary School, starting up the Thriving Oils Team and embarking on countless adventures both at home and abroad. I am still on the hunt for all things that support health and well-being, physically, mentally and spiritually. My mission is to share joy, gratitude and inspiration, even if I can let you know ‘How NOT to do it’. Either way I hope it’s a blessing to you.