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What Exactly Are Essential Oils?

Essential oils are the ‘Life Line’ or ‘Blood’ of the plants. They are concentrated substances that have been taken from plants such as herbs, trees and rinds. They are used for a whole range of reasons and have been proven to support the body safely and effectively.27751668_10155412096042201_3378256022761899634_n

 Essential Oils:

  • Can be used for immune support and preventive health.
  • Are extremely high in antioxidants.
  • Are easy, effective, and safe to use
  • Supports physically, emotionally and mental focus.
  • Supports the gut, respiratory and digestion systems.

  • Can be used to help clean and swap-out chemicals in the home.
  • Can be used to calm, focus and soothe emotions for both adults and children.SeedtoSeal_2015


 Young Living is the pioneer in essential oils and have been producing  high quality therapeutic oils for over 20 years. Approximately 96% of essential oils available on the market today are adulterated or synthesized. Many may say on the bottle ‘100% pure oil’ but this could be filled with a cheaper carrier oil that we have no guarantee where or how it is sourced.27654725_10155412096122201_7494563370304959176_n

It means that the essential oils sold in most stores (online and offline) are being diluted or manufactured using synthetic chemicals. Young Living is an extremely ethical company and is the only company that has a Seed to Seal promise. This means that they own every field and personally undertake the process from planting, picking, distilling and everything in between that takes to get it in the bottle to you.27655301_10155412096082201_3191423187710712539_n

My family and I use these oils EVERYDAY and need to know that I can trust our oil provider to sell me a product that is 100% pure and free of any chemicals or pesticides. I also love the freedom of ordering what I need for my family every month with wholesale prices and getting free oils and bonuses.


I would recommend starting with the Young Living Premium Starter Kits. That’s where I started! You will have a range of amazing oils and a diffuser to try out and start using in your home and with your family. You will also have the support of a team and community with consistent advice, support and ideas to help you and your family stay above the wellness line.YLLogoID_UK

When you do, you receive:27655155_10155412096347201_2210506548044526557_n

  • Over £300 worth of products for just £139.
  • 12 of Young Living’s most popular essential oils.
  • A home diffuser of your choice.
  • Personal support from me and my team.
  • Ongoing support through our member online groups, newsletters and free classes.

 Get a Free Gift from me when you get your Starter Kit!

My favorite Essential Reference Guide! A must have for advice, ideas and recipes for using essential oils. I use it every week!27750309_10155412096262201_9005743472050370031_n

HOW TO ORDER: Step by step…

  1. Click over to the Young Living website HERE.
  2. Double check the “Wholesale Member” option is selected so you don’t end up paying retail prices.
  3. The “Enroller ID” and “Sponsor ID” boxes should be filled in already. If not, type in my ID #: 12713044
  4. Make sure you fill in your information and write it down so you have it later when order new items.
  5. Select your Starter Kit. I would recommend the Premium Starter Kit with the Home Diffuser, however if you want to splurge there are some amazing kits you can upgrade to!
  6. Essential Rewards program is optional but I love it! You get so much free stuff and bonus products! (Email me if you need to know more)
  7. Confirm your order. I will send you the free gift and set you up with as little or a much support as you need…totally optional of course!27459269_10155398750487201_4990419693493603172_n


Please feel free to ask any questions and know that I am here for you every step of the way. I want you to continue to enjoy good health and am here to help educate you as you learn how to use your oils.

If you  are interested in hosting or attending a class on Essential Oils 101, then please email me with details and we can arrange a class if you are in the Leicestershire area or I can email you 3 Essential Oils 101 Videos if you are further afield!