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My Story…

I started out probably the biggest oil cynic ever. I am a firm believer in solid nutrition and daily movement, but oils weren’t on my radar. My background is in health and fitness after working as a Personal Trainer in my 20s. It took us being at a dead-end as a family with everyday niggles and toxins in our home that lead us to trust a dear friend who worked in mainstream medicine to educate us about the health support of YL oils and products.img_4832

In the Summer of 2017 when I was 7 months pregnant with baby number 5 we finally ordered our starter kit. We reluctantly gave them 3 months and Adam and I have never looked back. They have totally changed our family’s health and wellness lifestyle.

We then started up this community to educate and empower others to take back control. We are now part of an amazing growing team who are able to help others daily.

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What is Thriving Oils?

So, this is how it works…Young Living, as a company, has a real passion to educate and support every person who decides to use their essential oils/products.

That is where we come in.

We run a community where our job is to educate, support, inspire and help all of our members learn how to use the oils and find real healthy solutions.img_4695

Don’t worry this it all free as it’s included in the membership.

When you received your oils, it is easy to think, “What now”? I found the start a bit confusing and complicated. We want to help you simplify using oils. You don’t have to be an expert or even follow every recipe to the drop, it doesn’t have to be complicated. We are here to share what we have learned and empower you to do the same.


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What Are Essential Oils?

Oils are the essence or ‘blood’ of a plant, they give the plant it’s unique scent and flavour. They are responsible for renewing, rebuilding and protecting the plants different systems.7f975ba6-257d-42f4-ba6d-7d89d214305e

Carefully extracted from trees, flowers, herbs, rinds of fruit and other parts of the plant.

Natural chemical compounds that are super concentrated and high is terpenes, a little goes a long way.

Used in ancient times for medical, spiritual, and beauty. Also found currently in tons of personal care products.

How quick do they work?

  • • Within 22 seconds molecules reach the brain
  • • Within 2 minutes found in the bloodstream
  • • Within 20 minutes every cell has been affected

What do they do for us?ba722a23-ae92-4fff-bb5c-40d4e62ff89d

Think beyond making your home smell pretty.

Essential oils can support our body at a cellular level. They help to keep us well! These natural tools help our body do its job better.

  • Balance
  • Sleep
  • Immune support
  • Stress
  • Skin support
  • Healthy gut
  • Gastro support
  • Respiratory support
  • Aches/pain
  • Inflammation
  • Focus
  • Mental health
  • Great for kids and babies
  • Cooking
  • Cleaning….Oils can replace so many harsh toxic cleaners and personal care products in our homes. (amazing to clean with and works better than the brand stuff!)

b185efa8-cebe-4385-942d-8cb3f4540bc5WHY YOUNG LIVING?

Essential oils are getting trendy, and you can find them online and in a lot of stores these days. But just like with most things in life, you get what you pay for. Cheap oils are typically fragrance-grade’ and filled with synthetic chemicals, adulterated and unethically sources all while being labelled ‘pure’, ‘organic’ or ‘100%’…these mean nothing as the essential oil market is completely unregulated.

You don’t want to breath that in, and you definitely don’t want to put that on your skin. It is thought that over 90% of the essential oils you can buy online and even in health food store are not pure or even worse grown or distilled with pesticides or synthetics.

 27654725_10155412096122201_7494563370304959176_nSo, when we as a community started to research what company to use we asked a series of questions.

• Where are all your farms for EVERY oil your sell? Are you in control of the farming and harvesting of the crops?

• Are your farms ethical, both environmentally and socially, and are they open to visit for transparency.

• Are the oils grown in the appropriate climate and soil for each plant…quality frankincense cannot be grown in the UK for example.

• Are the oils taken from the first distillation only and are you in control of the distilling too?

• Are your oils for internal use FDA approved and certified GMO free?

• Are they rigorously tested both in-house and 3rd party for purity?

Young Living was the only company that fully answered all of these questions with yes…they even gave us the addresses to every farm and times that you can visit.

We trust Young Living because they have pioneered the modern-day essential oil research and the only company with a Seed to Seal standard.

They own the whole process from the time the seed is planted to the time it is sealed in the bottle.

My family and I use these oils EVERYDAY and need to know that I can trust our oil provider to sell me a product that is 100% pure and free of any chemicals or pesticides. I also love the freedom of ordering what I need for my family every month with wholesale prices and getting free oils and bonuses.

4 ways to use YL Essential Oils



There so many ways you can use oils topically. Drop oil into palm of hand straight out of the bottle and apply neat or add to a dollop of carrier oil and spread into skin. Add oils to roller bottles and mix up your own blends based on what issues you are dealing with. Just remember to dilute extra for the little ones. Oils are quickly absorbed and effectively used topically.



Diffuse daily for mood, better sleep, less stress, respiratory support, to kill off germs, air quality and that clean house smell…without the toxins form air fresheners or candles. Add oils to diffuser jewellery or inhale from palms of hand or straight out of the bottle. Studies show oils affect the limbic area of your brain, which is your Body’s seat of emotion



Young Living oils are the purest and second to none. Because of this, the Vitality range oils (bottles with the white labels) are safe to ingest to support our health. Try adding a drop or two of citrus oils to your water in the morning or add 4-6 drops to an empty vegetable capsules with carrier oil. Add them to favourite recipes, in a hot drink or put them under your tongue for quick absorption. The oil in the white label bottles is the same oil that is in the coloured label. The FDA requires separate labelling.


Ditch all the harsh toxic cleaners and use the plant powers of YL oils instead. These oils and YL’s oil based cleaner Thieves cleans everything: floors. mirrors, toilets, toys, stains, counters, carpets, cars, showers…you name it. Super safe for babies, cost effective and non-toxic.
Kills just as much bad bacteria as Bleach but does NOT kill all the GOOD bacteria, if this doesn’t excite you…research good bacteria and gut health.
A lot of products labels have been ‘greenwashed’ to that you think they are natural, when they are actually not. Using these over a long period of time can put a toxin burden on our bodies. Ingredients to avoid and read labels, stay away from perfumes or fragrances also avoid parabens, phthalates, formaldehyde, Propylene Glycol, Triclosan and Synthetic Colours.

Where to get started…


I would recommend starting with the Young Living Premium Starter Kits. That’s where I started! You will have a range of amazing oils and a diffuser to try out and start using in your home and with your family. You will also have the support of the Thriving Oils team and community with consistent advice, a personal contact, support and ideas to help you and your family stay above the wellness line.

When you do, you receive:

  • Over £300 worth of products for just £139 (+tax & shipping)…equivalent price if outside the UK.
  • 12 of Young Living’s most popular essential oils.
  • A home diffuser of your choice.
  • Personal support from me and my team.
  • Ongoing support through our member online groups, weekly recipes, newsletters and free classes.
Get a Free Gift from me when you get your Starter Kit!
My favourite Essential Reference Guide! A must have for advice, ideas and recipes for using essential oils. I use it every week!



HOW TO ORDER: Step by step…

  1. Click over to the Young Living website HERE.
  2. Double check the “Whole Sale Membership” and select your country.
  3. The “Enroller ID” and “Sponsor ID” boxes should be filled in already. If not, type in my ID #: 12713044…this is important or you won’t be able to access Thriving Oils resources education.
  4. Make sure you fill in your information and write it down so you have it later when you decide to order new items.
  5. Select your Starter Kit. I would recommend the Premium Starter Kit with either the Dewdrop or Desert Mist Diffuser, however if you want to splurge Aria Diffuser is beautiful.
  6. Essential Rewards program is totally optional but I love it! You get so much free stuff and bonus products! This can be set up right away with your kit counting as your first order and you receive 10% back or you can set it up anytime in the future. Your choice. (Email me if you need to know more)
  7. Confirm your order. Follow the steps and I will send you the free gift and set you up with as little or a much support as you need…totally optional of course!



Please feel free to ask any questions and know that I am here for you every step of the way. I want you to continue to enjoy good health and am here to help educate you as you learn how to use your oils.

If you  are interested in hosting or attending an Intro to Essential Oils workshop, then please email me with details and we can arrange a bespoke workshop if you are in the UK or I can arrange an Online Interactive Workshop if you are further afield!


Thriving Oil’s Short Videos click HERE

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